About Us

Karis LeBlanc

Karis has 15+ years of experience in the fitness world. She has worked in private residences, boutique studios and large-scale gyms. Karis is also a certified Health and Life Coach. Her long journey within the fitness industry has afforded her profound insights into the world of well-being and movement disciplines. The Brooklyn House of Movement has been Karis’s dream since 2009. This studio is born from her desire to celebrate diversity, empowerment, and holistic well-being by creating an environment that thrives on inclusivity, genuine connections, and most of all fun!

Rebecca Breier

Becca started her career in Finance working ~7 years at an International Investment Bank in Capital Markets and Fixed Income Sales and Trading. Her experience ranges from Financial Planning and Analysis to COO and business oeperations management. Becca is a certified Pilates Instructor and Holistic Nutrition Coach with experience working at a boutique studio. It has been a dream of Becca’s to own and operate a boutique fitness studio. This studio is her ultimate desire to bring her vision of both a physical space and practice together. And create a community of acceptance, a feeling of belonging, and a place that energizes and empowers.